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Agristo requires the shares of Willequet N.V.




AGRISTO  ACQUIRES  THE SHARES OF WILLEQUET N.V.                               31st of May 2011


After many years of very close co-operation, in order to continue and strengthen this partnership, an agreement has been finalised stipulating that AGRISTO, located in Harelbeke, Belgium, will purchase all the shares of WILLEQUET, located in Nazareth, Belgium.

WILLEQUET N.V.   was  founded  in  1987 and focussed on  the production of high-quality  potato   specialties.

According to Phillippe and Koen Willequet  :  “ It is a good thing that our trend-setting family company is passed onto another renowned family company and that our quality potato  products will continue to be  produced in Nazareth by our employees, whom  we  partly  owe the success of  this company to”.

AGRISTO N.V. produces an extensive range of deep-frozen pre-fried potato products at its production sites in Harelbeke (Belgium) and Tilburg (The Netherlands). These products are marketed and exported all over the world.    The potato specialties produced at the Willequet factory have been available in the product range offered by Agristo, for many years .

 Luc Raes and  Antoon Wallays, founders of Agristo N.V.  confirmed : “Following  our many years of amicable cooperation, we very much look forward to the integration of the Willequet company and we are delighted that they will be a part of the  growth strategy of the Agristo group . We hope that this extension of our frozen potato product range will develop and improve our high quality product offer to our customers , world-wide.”

Important synergies with regards to purchasing, production, logistics and sales  can be realized and clearly contribute to the success of this transaction. It offers tremendous opportunities for innovation as well as the extension of the entire product range.


                WILLEQUET N.V.                                                         AGRISTO N.V.

                Philippe & Koen Willequet                                          Luc Raes & Antoon Wallays

                 + 32 9 3818300                                                          +32 56 735050



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